What’s the big deal about tomatoes anyways?

Tomatoes have an abundant amount of a nutrient called Lycopene. It’s one of the primary ingredients that provides tomatoes there vibrant red color and it also has the additional benefit of providing protection from the UV rays of the sun. Well another piece of good news is that by eating tomatoes that protection from the sun’s UV rays is provided to the cells in human bodies. Tomatoes provide a host of other nutrients such a potassium, vitamin B, E, and other beneficial compounds.


Due to its potent properties as a strong antioxidant Lycopene is very beneficial in preventing cancer.  It helps to reduce damage to your cells caused by molecules within the human body called free radicals. Thus, food types high in lycopene, similar to tomatoes, may make you less likely to develop cancer in the lung, stomach, or prostate areas. There is also research indicating it can aid in the prevention of cancer in the pancreas, colon, throat, mouth, bosom, and cervix as well.


Lycopene antioxidant properties have also proven effective in reducing LDL, (Bad Cholesterol) and also provides blood pressure benefits.  Meaning your less likely to have cardiovascular problems later in life. Different nutrients in tomatoes, such as vitamins B and E and a type of antioxidant called flavonoids also provide a variety benefits for your heart.


Zeaxanthin and Lutein are 2 other nutrients contained in tomatoes that provide a lot of benefits to the eyes.  Research suggest that these nutrients assist with protecting your eyes from the harmful blue light that most electronic devices like cell phones and computer screens emit.  This type of protection helps to delay eye fatigue and headaches that usually result from straining the eyes.  They are also believed to be highly effective in possibly preventing macular degeneration.


Some research indicates that tomatoes are beneficial to individuals who suffer from asthma and may also help in the prevention of emphysema, which is an illness that gradually degrades your lungs air sacs.  This is possibly due to the effects that lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin as well as other cancer fighting properties provide in fighting the damaging properties of tobacco smoke.  Tobacco smoke is the most common cause of emphysema currently known, research is still being conducted concerning the benefits of fighting emphysema.

Blood Vessels

You’re less likely to have a stroke when eating more tomatoes on a regular basis.  A stroke occurs when a part of your brain does not receive an adequate amount of blood due to a restriction in blood flow in your blood vessels.  The properties in tomatoes help reduce bad cholesterol, fight inflammation, and prevent clotting in your blood from occurring.

Oral Wellbeing

The same properties that help fight cancer also help prevent gum diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis from developing.  However tomatoes are very acidic when eaten raw and can damage teeth enamel and can be made worse by brushing right after eating.  It’s generally recommended to wait at least a half hour before brushing.


Tomatoes are definitely a food that is worth including in your diet, it’s been shown to be highly nutritious and has a host of beneficial effects on your overall health.

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