Hi! I want to welcome you to my website healthtechniques.com, My name is Joccri and I look forward to having the opportunity to help each and everyone of you to achieve better health and a better life.  I created this blog for you to benefit from, its purpose is for all of us to be able to learn and share valuable techniques and strategies to better health.  Whether physically, mentally, or spiritually I will be sharing valuable knowledge here in the days to come.  So please lets be respectful to everyone’s life experience and viewpoints and achieve a better life through better health.


I will be posting alot of content relating to physical fitness in the very near future as I believe it is very underrated especially in the United States.  Its a crucial element to better health not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

I will be providing valuable content on my Youtube channel very soon and also will recommend strategies, methods, and products that can help to resolve specific problems.  Stay tuned…

Several other methods will be presented here as well, such as methods to enhance mental acuity and focus, methods to feed your body for more energy and improving or reversing of chronic diseases, herbal remedies and many other topics.